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Welcome To Baymeadows Islamic Center (BIC)

Mission Statement

The mission of Baymeadows Islamic Center(BIC) is to establish a facility for the prayer, education and religious gathering for the Muslim Community of Jacksonville. Also to do all such activities that foster and promote Islam and its heritage as dictated in the Quran and the Sunnah (tradition) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and promote Islamic values among Muslim Community of Jacksonville. 


– Asslamo Alukom

Dear respected community, please join us for the Jummha khutbah, and for a community night and a lecture tomorrow, Friday August 23rd at Maghrib (8:00 PM) at BIC. Heavy refreshments, tea, coffee, and Donuts will be served.

The speaker: Imam Moataz Moftah – the Imam of the Islamic center of North Phoenix ( Imam Mostafa Moftah’s brother)

Imam Moataz will be delivering both jummha khutbahs (1:15pm, and 2:15 pm)
Topic for jummha khutbah:
How to perfect your relationship with Allah.

Topic for the community night lecture : How to mange our life and our kids life in the west.

Biography – Imam Moataz Moftah
Imam Moataz Moftah is the Islamic Religious Leader for the Islamic Center of North Phoenix, He has been serving the local community for over four years but has been practicing as an Imam for more than 14 years , previously working in Ohio, Indiana, Caribbean, and Egypt. Originally from Egypt.

Imam Moataz spent five years studying Quranic Science and Hadith from Shaykh Saleh Abdallah, Imam Moataz also earned a special study in Bukhari and Muslim from Dr. Ahmed Arif from Egypt, and also earned his double Bachelors of Science in Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences from Dar-Ul-Loom from Fayoum University in 2007. Through his extensive training and background, Imam Moataz leads a variety of religious services (including leading five daily prayers, officiating marriages, and overseeing funeral rites), education (through teaching a variety of courses covering the Arabic language, Quran translation, and Islamic studies), and social services (including providing spiritual guidance, volunteering in humanitarian projects, and contributing to interfaith events). With his continued dedication to his profession, Imam Moataz has become a distinguished Islamic leader amongst his colleagues and respected both inside and outside of the Islamic community.

– Due to parking issues at BIC and for the convenience of the community Insha’Allah BIC will have two Juma prayers starting from October 26, 2018.

Khateeb:          Sheikh Mostafa Muftah
Khutbah:          1:15 PM
Prayer:             1:45 PM

Khateeb:          Sheikh Mostafa Muftah

Khutbah:          2:15 PM
Prayer:             2:35 PM
– For the benefit of those who may have difficulty with parking at BIC, below marked areas are the additional BIC allowed parking spaces during the Juma time. Also, there will be volunteers to assist in parking. Please DO NOT BLOCK your cars as there will be a Towing Company in place to take necessary actions at your own expense. 

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Jumuah Timings


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