Baymeadows Islamic Center
Baymeadows Islamic Center


The Baymeadows Islamic Center(BIC) is an independent non-profit organization. It functions to provide a place for Muslims to worship and also to provide religious facilities for members of the society.

Daily Prayers
Baymeadows Islamic Center is open for prayer five (5) times a day. Our daily congregational prayer times (Iqamah times) are updated frequently on our homepage. Other than these times, the prayer hall is open for anyone wishing to pray or find solace at any other time convenient to them.

Friday Prayers
Jumu’ah prayer, the Friday service, consists of a 30 mins long sermon followed by congregational prayers. The call to prayer and sermon starts at 1:15pm, and the prayer begins at 1:45pm.


Zakat, the giving of alms to the poor and needy, is one of the five pillars of Islam (the others are declaration of faith, prayer, fasting in Ramadan and Hajj). It is obligatory upon every adult Muslim of sound mind and means. BIC collects Zakat contributions and distributes to those who are unable to meet financial obligations for basic necessities such as rent, utilities and food in the Jacksonville community.